Important Information sent in by Richard Hasse, Veterans Service Officer for Columbia County

One of the questions frequently received at the Columbia County Veterans Service Office is, “Where do I get a veteran identification card?”

With numerous discounts and special considerations given to veterans in our communities and at various retail establishments, many veterans have no idea how they can prove they served in our nation’s  military without carrying a copy of their military separation, or DD Form 214, wherever they go.

Those who are retired from the military and certain service-connected disabled veterans are authorized an officially issued  military identification card.  Veterans actively enrolled in the VA Healthcare system are also eligible to obtain a Veteran Identification Card (VIC) from the local VA Hospital eligibility office.

However, what are the remaining veterans to do?

The answer comes in the recent passage of 2013 Wisconsin Act 17 .

 According to the law, veterans may elect to have their veteran status designated on their Wisconsin drivers license or Wisconsin identification card.  This law is to take effect 6 months after its publication; which would be no later than December 22, 2013.