Scouting of the Year


Scouting Chairman – Ronald Zaleski

Home phone: 906-663-4453

Adress: 500 W. Lead Street.

              Bessemer, Mi. 49911-1341



The Scouting Information and entry forms are in this years program book pages 85 – 88.  Please check this information also.

To enter a candidate for the scout of the Year the entry must be in the following format.  Entry will be submitted in a three (3) hole  blue folder with the papers in a lose leaf plastic page with papers inserted.  Page one (1) will be the scout of the year entry form, page two (2) will be the application instruction sheet with authorization and parents consent signatures, page three (3) will be the 3 X 5 full length scout glossy picture, page four (4) High school Participation record, page five (5) Community Service Record, page six (6) through ten (10) letters of Recommendation.  Please send this information to the Scouting Chairman at the address above!!



Download (PDF, 2.46MB)