She Serves


The Veterans of Foreign Wars is the nation’s largest combat veterans’ organization, serving and honoring 2.1 million members in approximately 7,600 Posts worldwide. Ever since its founding in 1899, the VFW has donated millions of volunteer hours, been a strong supporter of our country’s youth, a major promoter of patriotic and educational efforts and an unwavering advocate to our military, its veterans, and their families.

Some of the battles we’ve fought and won include:

  • Improving services for women veterans at VA medical centers
  • Establishing the Veterans Administration
  • Developing the national cemetery system
  • Acquiring compensation for Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange and for veterans diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome
  • Creating a new GI Bill for the 21st Century

The VFW welcomes ALL veterans.

Dedicated to assisting female veterans, the VFW understands that women military members confront issues that their male counterparts do not. In forming She Serves, the VFW specifically honors the service and sacrifice of female veterans who have served faithfully in our overseas conflicts. This sisterhood of support fosters camaraderie among VFW members by connecting women with other veterans who understand the distinct pride of being a female service member.

She Serves… The connecting point for women VFW members.

She Serves was created to reach out to the women veteran population – a large group that brings vitality, energy and innovations to the VFW. Women veterans are signing up for VFW membership in record numbers, making them one of the fastest growing segments in the VFW. There’s never been a better time to connect with the women you’ve served with and enjoy a world of encouragement and friendship from your sisters-in-arms.

Some scenes from recent She Serves gatherings…

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