VTF Provides Critical Programs, Services to Veterans

The Veterans Trust Fund (VTF) has been the main source of revenue for providing essential veterans benefits in Wisconsin since 1961. Administered by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), the VTF provides access to Wisconsin’s over 400,000 veterans and their family members access to programs, benefits and services.
“Wisconsin is a leader in the country when it comes to investing in veterans and Governor Walker has made the care of veterans as a top priority,” WDVA Secretary John A. Scocos said. “We excel in providing modern tools to our nation’s heroes so that veterans are able to reintegrate into civilian society with housing, education, health care and meaningful jobs.” Read more http://dva.state.wi.us/Documents/newsMediaDocuments/8.24.16%20-%20VTF%20condition.pd

Identity Theft a Top Veterans Complaint

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network Military, identity theft is the top consumer complaint.
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Identity theft is a crime where a thief steals your personal information, such as your full name or social security number, to commit fraud. The thief can then use your information to do things like apply for credit or services, damaging your credit status and cost you time and money to resolve. In many cases you may not even know until much later when you see your credit report or receive bill or collections from services you never used.
If you are concerned that you are a victim of identity theft, or would just like to learn more, there are many resources available to assist you…Read more » http://dva.state.wi.us/Documents/Identity%20Theft%20-%20MILITARY-Resources.pdf

Kudos to Our Veterans Home at Union Grove for a Perfect Healthcare Survey!

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary John A. Scocos announced that the Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove did not receive any healthcare citations of deficiency during its last survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Wisconsin Veterans Homes are in the top 20 percent best in the country –with four and five star quality of care ratings on a five star scale – per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services…Read more » http://dva.state.wi.us/Documents/newsMediaDocuments/7.27.16%20-%20Union%20Grove%20survey.pdf

As part of Veterans and Military Recognition Day at the Wisconsin State Fair, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and WDVA Secretary Scocos handed out awards to groups who have worked tirelessly over the past year with the WDVA to help prevent veteran homelessness. Thank you all for what you do and see you next year at the Fair! Check out photos of all the awardees! https://www.facebook.com/WisVets/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10157262518895324


Nominations are open for the 2016 Woman Veteran of the Year Award being presented at the Wisconsin Women Veterans Conference on October 13, 2016. We are looking for a woman veteran with a record of exemplary service as a military service member, a veteran, and outstanding member of the community. Nominate a woman veteran today! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd5yiVT3Uj9lEsJhlbr9pJ7Dz3riQd9Sf7sqtWnVZqWrvO3cw/viewform?c=0&w=1


The Wisconsin State Broadband Office is pleased to announce a survey that allows residents and businesses the opportunity to voice their need for improved internet access or service. The goal of the survey is to help state planners and policy makers better understand the need for improved internet access in our state. Take the survey now!. http://psc.wi.gov/broadbandsurvey.htm