Eaton Rapids, MI – The Duty, Honor, America Tour rolled through the VFW National Home for Children campus Wednesday as part of its 50-state cycling journey to raise awareness about the issues affecting our troops, veterans and their families.
“We started our journey in New York and New England, where we were often hosted by VFW posts,” said cyclist and retired Lt. Col. Doug Adams. “At stop after stop, we were asked if we were visiting the National Home, so we said, ‘tell us about it.’ Well, once we learned about the great work being done here, we knew we had to visit.”
Adams and his wife, retired Col. Deb Lewis, make up the Duty, Honor, America Tour. He is the cyclist and she quips she is the CEO (Chief Everything Officer), in charge of driving their 34’ RV chase vehicle and managing advance work and logistics for the ride. So far, they have logged nearly 12,000 miles on their ride, and Michigan is their 40th state. They started their tour on October 7, 2010, in New York and will finish in Kona, Hawaii, on October 8, 2011, where Doug will compete in the Kona Ironman Competition.
“It was an honor to have Deb and Doug on our campus,” said National Home Executive Director Patrice Green. “Their work is truly extraordinary and inspiring. I wish them both well on the rest of their journey and you can be sure we will follow their progress closely!”
Thunderstorms kept Doug off his bike Wednesday for the first time since his journey began in October, but he didn’t let that dampen his spirits. During their stay at the National Home, he and Deb toured the campus, visited with staff and spent some time with the children at the Ladies Auxiliary Nursery. By the time they left, they had felt the magic of the National Home. They both praised the work the National Home was doing and described the place as having “a vibe of love”.
Photos of the Duty, Honor America Tour’s visit to the National Home are available online at Learn more about the Tour and follow their progress at