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Hello, and welcome to your Judge Advocate’s web page, which is designed to provide information and tools to help your VFW Post run smoothly and get the job done for Veterans. While the State Judge Advocate is not here to adjudicate issues on the Post, or even District level, (unless so ordered by the State Commander) he is in a position to help educate and enlighten officers and members on a broad variety of subjects: Everything from guides for drafting Bylaws to outlines for how to properly close or consolidate a Post.

I am also pleased to provide whatever counsel or assistance to help you deal with those special issues that arise from time to time, and which seem, somehow, do not exactly fit neatly into “bylaws”.

While most of these issues can be settled without a lot of fuss and bother, sometimes things happen that require a different perspective, especially if your Post or District Judge Advocate isn’t able to help. I’m always willing to at least hear out your concerns and offer what guidance I can. I don’t make “rulings” in such cases, unless the State Commander has asked me to.  I also hear from Post Judge Advocates who seek assistance with their deliberations. So, I’m here to help.

If you have a question to submit, please use the handy form at the bottom of this page.

Remember, my area of responsibility is the Department of Wisconsin. I do get many questions from members whose Posts are in other Departments, and while I can certainly point out the areas of our National Bylaws and Manual of Procedure that apply, I always advise non-Wisconsinites to consult their Department chain of command.

I try and answer inquiries personally, and if a topic is sufficiently general, I might use it as a public topic in one of my articles. Rest assured, if this is the case your name, or Post information will not be shared in a public response, so feel free to read the articles, print them out and share them.

“Thank You” for your service, and for all you do for Veterans and your VFW Department of Wisconsin. Keep up the great work!

Department of Wisconsin VFW ByLaws


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