State Surgeon


(10)Surgeon. The Department Surgeon shall perform the duties properly pertaining to his office. The Department Surgeon shall assist Post Surgeons, in an advisory capacity, and promote statewide health programs. He shall perform such other duties as may be incident to his office or as may from time to time be required by the laws and usages of this organization or lawful orders from proper authority.

Gundel Metz, State Surgeon

Hello fellow comrades, I’m great to have this space to put out information to empower you all in seaking the best possible resources and information for your health as veterans.  I will discuss “hot topics” and ensure you are aware of anything that comes to my attention that concerns you as veterans. 

I have a passion for health promotion and a passion for serving for you~veterans~brothers and sisters who have served their country well.  I will do my best to ensure you have the tools you need to live a quality life that you so deserve.  I hope to leave a legacy in helping you all and I have a vision of making all medical and/or health benefits available to you that will bring you to fulfilling your dreams as an American. 

If there are answers to reducing pain physically, mentally, socially, spirtually and sexually, I will find them for you.  If you have questions for me or need me to help in researching anything around your service related illness or injury, please let me know.  And if you hear of anything that could help others, please let me know, so I can share the good news.  I wish you all health and happiness with many blessings.